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Communication impacts on all areas of life:

It's estimated that 10% of all children and young people have long term or persistent SLCN. Those needs impact on all areas of life.

If we don't address these difficulties then the impact will be seen with education, employment and health.


50-90% of children with persistent SLCN go on to have reading difficulties.

Only 1/5 of children with SLCN reach the expected levels for their age in both English and Maths at age 11. Only 10% get 5 good GCSE's including English and Maths.


More than 8/10 long-term unemployed men have been found to have SLCN.


Research has found that up to 45% of young people with mental health issues also have communication issues, including SLCN.

SLCN contributes to mental health issues by causing: frustration, anxiety, social isolation, poor judgement and reasons, low confidence and self esteem.

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