For Parents

Do you have concerns about your child's speech?

Speech refers to speaking with a clear voice and without stumbling over words.  All speech sounds need to be spoken clearly so people can understand what is being said.

Do you have concerns about your child's language?

Language breaks down into two elements: Talking (expressive) and understanding (receptive).  It's about joining words to make sentences and knowing the right words to explain what you mean.  It is also about understanding what other people say and following instructions.

Do you have concerns about your child's communication?

Communication is about how we interact with others, understanding and using non-verbal communication appropriately.  It's about taking turns and engaging in conversation.

Speech and Language Therapy Home Visits Carlisle, Cumbria

Free Phone Consultation

Give me a ring to discuss your concerns. I will provide some advice as to the best way for you to support your child with absolutely no obligations at the end of the phone call.

Kids Speech Therapy in Carlisle

ICAN is a charity supporting those with Speech, language and communication needs and there is some helpful information on their website that may help answer some of your questions.

Services Available

1:1 Assessments

I am able to offer assessment on a 1:1 basis and advice to follow up from the assessment. The assessment could take place within nursery/school or within the home environment at no discomfort to the child.

Assessment may involve formal assessment, observations, discussions with parents and staff, play-based informal assessment. All of this information helps to gain a clear picture of your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty.

A formal report can be written following assessment.

Regular therapy sessions

These can be arranged to support your child’s needs and again these could take place within the home or at nursery/school and I would recommend that either a parent/carer or member of staff be present at these sessions in order to learn from what is happening and carry out the activities in between therapy sessions.

Kids Speech Therapy in Carlisle

This is the most successful way of making progress when the activities are carried out both at home and in school at different times of the day as it allows the skills to be generalised and not just part of a therapy session.  Sessions are play-based and children love to come and be a part of the sessions. They are tailored to the child’s needs and interests and a good rapport is considered very important.

I am available to attend any review meetings or multi-disciplinary meetings where requested and if available. I would provide verbal or written advice for these meetings where requested.


The cost of the above service would be £60 per hour (or part thereof) and may be subject to change on a yearly basis.

There would also be a travel cost for those outside of a 5-mile radius of Carlisle centre. The mileage is charged at 45p per mile using Google Maps to calculate the distance. e.g., a 15-mile journey would cost £6.75.

The travel time would be charged at half the hourly rate of £30 e.g., 30-minute travel time would cost £15.

Please refer to terms and conditions for information about missed appointments and cancellations.

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